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League of Friends of the Blind est. 1932/3


Our range of services offer support to visually impaired adults to EMPOWER them in various areas of their lives. Clients are equipped with a range of skills to ensure that they leave our doors confident and fully equipped.

Braille Literacy

Braille literacy is arguably the most important skill a blind person may learn. Braille instruction is available in English and Afrikaans and facilitated by multilingual instructors.

Residence Facilities

Our residence facility is a place of accommodation for indigent visually impaired people over the age of 18 years who do not have any family or support systems in their communities.

Orientation & mobility

A significant and immediate consequence of losing one’s sight is the restriction in one’s ability to travel independently. This training consists of teaching the concepts and skills necessary for anyone to travel safely and efficiently in their environments.

Our orientation and mobility instructor is a trained facilitator and assessor providing this highly-specialised service.

Daily Living Skills

Being able to manage all domestic tasks at home or in the workplace is important for our clients. Not having to rely on someone else for these tasks go far towards ensuring our clients can live independent lives.

Training in home management skills takes place in an onsite flatlet with the aim of ensuring that our clients can successfully complete household tasks independently.

Adult Education Support

We facilitate blind and visually impaired adults on working towards completing their Senior Certificate or tertiary level education.

These adults are assisted by our occupational therapists and volunteers who support them with their studying and scribing needs.

Employment Readiness

Our adult clients are provided with the necessary skills to be equipped to participate in the working world.

They are trained on interview techniques, how to create a CV, dress code, body language, possible interview questions, challenges they may face in the workplace and how to overcome them.

Information & Communications Technology

Our communication training is focused on various aspects including teaching our clients skills such as specialised time-telling, using mobile and landline telephones, basic typing skills and presentation skills.

Another important aspect for our clients is being able to identify their money while performing transactions at shops, banks and ATM’s. These skills all play an important role in how our clients participate in society.

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Support in adjusting to blindness

Grant Applications

Return to school / ABET

Social Work Intervention

The social worker facilitates individual counselling sessions, adjustment to blindness and parent support groups. The service includes support for families of visually impaired persons, helping with coping skills and developing appropriate mechanisms to enhance the independence of blind family members. Our social worker provides support with physical and emotional abuse, abuse of social grants by family members, substance abuse, financial management, lack of self-esteem and adjustment to blindness.