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League of Friends of the Blind est. 1932/3


LOFOB is the only Early Childhood Development centre in the country catering to both home and centre based preschool children from birth. The service has been operating since 1988.

Infant Stimulation

Our infant stimulation programme supports parents through home based stimulatory and age and stage specific development programmes. Parents are guided on techniques, approaches and activities to implement in their homes to prepare children for life. Crawling, walking, play and independence skills forms the basis of these programmes.

Preschool Programme

LOFOB’s preschool centre is located in Grassy Park. Children are collected daily with LOFOB transport and participate in educational, creative, sensory development programmes, baking activities, physical education, braille and orientation and mobility. Educational excursions include visits to animal farms, Fire Stations and boat trips. This opportunity to improve sensory awareness is promoted through these outings. Our pre-school camp forms part of our recreation programme at the beginning of each year. 

Preschool Teachers

Our preschool teacher and teacher’s assistant are centre based and are constantly involved.

Family Support

We offer constant support to parents and family members.

Orientation & Mobility

Our orientation and mobility instructor focuses on teaching white cane technique and physical education.

Occupational Therapist

Our occupational therapist performs on-site and home visits for those with additional disabilities.

Social Worker

Our social worker offers support to parents and caregivers on many matters including childcare grants.

Skills Development

Our skills developer specialises in the introduction to braille.

Support To Inclusive Education

We offer support to blind and visually impaired learners and educators in mainstream schools:

  • By assessing the environment
  • By educating the teacher to the needs of the student
  • Advising on the accessibility requirements and issues
  • Assessing the needs of the child as well as the teacher
  • Ensuring that the child is comfortably integrated into the school
  • Training of scribes