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League of Friends of the Blind est. 1932/3


LOFOB Blind Buddy Day

During the months of April and May we focus our attention on increasing the awareness of blindness and its impact. Our staff and volunteers visit schools and companies to present awareness and sensitization sessions highlighting the challenges blind and visually impaired persons encounter in society. If you are interested in hosting a Blind Buddy Day ™ event contact us. Our month of activities culminates in LOFOB "BLIND BUDDY DAY ™" on the last Friday of May. People are invited to wear an official LOFOB BLIND BUDDY™ sticker on that day in support of blind people.

Companies, Schools, institutions, the faith community and, CBO's etc. can raise further awareness of the value of sight by participating in activities such as working with dark glasses or shades, host an awareness of blindness programme, arrange a cafeteria lunch under blind fold, or come up with an exciting theme depicting blindness or simply just wear the sticker on that day.


Friday, 26 May

How to participate

Purchase your Blind Buddy Sticker and take part in events. Sign your school or company up to participate. Schools can participate in our nationwide colour in competition when purchasing your Blind Buddy Sticker™. If you are interested in partnering with us on this day as a sponsor, contact pro@lofob.org.za


R10 per sticker

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